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Asset Protection Planning

Asset Protection Planning Prepares You for the Unexpected

Massachusetts asset protection attorney helps you be secure when liabilities arise

Asset protection planning involves protecting and preserving your property from seizures by creditors. It is a part of retirement and estate planning that addresses the need to prepare for unavoidable and unexpected liabilities by having adequate insurance and structuring your assets to avoid liens, seizures and other collection methods. The East Longmeadow office of David G. Carlson, Attorney at Law, provides asset protection planning in Massachusetts and can help you avoid losing your possessions to creditors. Debt stemming from liability can arise in many different ways including:

  • Tort claims
  • Premises liabilities
  • Employer vicarious liability for acts of employees
  • Business liabilities

We provide assistance by protecting and preserving your hard-earned assets

The best property protection planning is done before the creation of liability. The sooner you develop and implement an asset protection plan, the sooner you will be protected from unforeseen liabilities that may arise. Having an attorney guide you through the process helps you avoid creditors, lawsuits and potential bankruptcy. An experienced attorney can help you exempt assets from creditors, transfer risk through adequate insurance and limit your liability through the use of legal entities. Skilled attorney David G. Carlson is familiar with state and federal asset exemption laws and helps clients keep their prized possessions. We can assist you in numerous ways:

  • Draft wills and trust documents that limit property available to creditors
  • Explain “spend down” approaches for retirement planning
  • Help you obtain liability insurance, life insurance, annuities and IRAs
  • Create protected legal structures such limited partnerships, LLCs and corporations
  • Convert non-exempt assets into exempt assets

We help you prepare for the future with proactive asset protection planning

Experienced attorney David G. Carlson has handled estate planning and elder law issues for many years, helping clients make prudent decisions and using innovative asset protection planning solutions. We tailor a plan that suits your needs and accommodates your specific circumstances. Having us at your side can keep your possessions insulated from creditors and available for your use and enjoyment. Mr. Carlson will help you find the protection plan that is right for you, with broad enough and adequate enough coverage.

Contact us to discuss ways to protect your assets and plan for your future

At some point everyone needs a long-term health care plan to prepare for unexpected liabilities. David G. Carlson provides guidance and assistance through the process of planning for your future and safeguarding your possessions. Our law office can help make sure your assets are not surrendered to pay creditors and cover health care costs that could be handled in other ways. You can reach us online to set up a free initial consultation and we will evaluate the next step from there. Get in touch with us today.

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