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Caring and Dedicated Lawyer Handles Your Springfield, Massachusetts Elder Law Concerns

Springfield estate planning attorney David G. Carlson prepares you for the future

Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, more people are living longer than they did a century ago. However, an aging population means that at some point each of us may be called upon to care for or manage the affairs of an older family member. This is a legally and emotionally complex issue an increasing number of families and individuals currently face. If you or your family are dealing with these challenges—or expect to be dealing with them in the future—East Longmeadow’s David G. Carlson, Attorney at Law can help. We have more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of elder law including:

  • Planning for incapacity and long-term health care
  • Assisting you with Medicaid, Medicare and MassHealth applications
  • Appointing someone you trust with healthcare decision making
  • Drafting and reviewing wills
  • Creating and administering trusts
  • Asset protection planning
  • Helping you secure your retiree health and income benefits

Our compassionate attorney and legal staff are dedicated to helping you plan ahead

Now is the time to consider signing a power of attorney, completing an advanced medical directive and applying for Medicaid. Becoming incapacitated without having appointed a power of attorney or creating an advanced medical directive may result in the court appointing a conservator or guardian. You can live confidently in the present by proactively planning your future and making sure you are taken care of when unexpected circumstances arise. We are proficient at identifying and anticipating short and long-term solutions to health care issues. Massachusetts elder law and estate planning attorney David G. Carlson has worked with numerous senior citizens and assisted them with the following:

  • Selecting a Durable Power of Attorney – A durable power of attorney is a flexible legal directive that enables you to protect yourself and your wishes in the event you become incapacitated. Massachusetts law allows for an immediate transfer of power to your designee or transference in the future if your doctor determines that you are disabled. With the latter option, you retain full control over your affairs unless and until you are incapacitated. At that point, the individual you designated takes over your affairs and must act in accordance with your established guidelines.
  • Establish Advanced Medical Directives – Also referred to as a living will or healthcare proxy, an advanced medical directive details your preferences for medical treatment if you become incapacitated. This eases the burden placed on family members by making your wishes clear. When you cannot speak, your advanced medical directive is your voice.

Contact our elder law attorney today and lay the foundation for your future

Although it is difficult to think about, planning for death and incapacity can save you and the ones you love from further complications down the road. Having an attorney help you plan for these issues allows you to have peace of mind knowing you and the ones you care about are protected. Contact the East Longmeadow office of David G. Carlson, Attorney at Law today and get the security and protection you deserve.

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