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Springfield Estate Planning Attorney Knows Wills & Trusts Law in Massachusetts

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Most people do not want to think about dying. However, planning for the future – including what will happen to your estate after your death – is crucial. A comprehensive legal will or trust prepared by a qualified attorney is the best way to ensure that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. Regardless of the size of your estate, a will or trust is a necessary document. At the East Longmeadow office of David G. Carlson, Attorney at Law, we handle all types of wills in Massachusetts, as well as trusts and probate law issues. We identify critical estate planning and tax issues to develop an effective strategy that gives you peace of mind.

We create wills that express the wishes and desires of our clients

A will settles debts and ensures that your property and finances are distributed as outlined. If you have minor children, a will provides for the appointment of a guardian who is responsible for making medical and educational and other decisions for your child. A properly prepared will may reduce estate expenses and limit any conflict between beneficiaries by clearly stating how, when and to whom your estate is dispersed. Having an experienced estate planning attorney that understands probate law at your side will ensure the following crucial items are addressed in your will:

  • Choice of a personal representative, known as an executor
  • Distribution of all assets
  • Payment of all debts to creditors
  • Designation of guardians for minor children
  • Funeral arrangements

We utilize sophisticated planning techniques to avoid probate when desired

While a will deals with the immediate distribution of your property and assets following your death, a living trust allows a flexible means to meet your estate planning needs and avoid probate. Massachusetts estate planning attorney David G. Carlson handles various types of trusts and informs clients of the many ways of controlling how their assets are distributed. Our law office has helped many clients in the past with Massachusetts trust law issues and we are dedicated to finding the best solution for you. Trusts offer many benefits and provide you with the ability to:

  • Avoid the inconvenience and costs of probate
  • Provide for management of your affairs during periods of incapacity
  • Plan for the long-term allocation of your estate
  • Provide asset protection and preservation by minimizing and eliminating exposure to federal and state estate taxes

Start planning for your family’s future today by contacting our wills and trusts attorney

Our experienced estate law attorneys can help you determine if a living trust fits your needs. We can also draft the legal documents creating the trust and help you identify and appoint a trustee or administrator of the trust. These documents will give you the comfort of knowing that your property will be distributed in the manner you choose and that your family will be provided for. Your initial consultation is free and you can set up an appointment at our East Longmeadow office or schedule an in-home meeting. Contact us today and we will explore your options.

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